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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

On Commenting Post 4: Podcasting the Power of Comments

Anne Davis invited a class of grade 5 student bloggers to share the impact that the comments left by visitors to their blogs has had on them. It began with a post of hers called Podcast on Comments.

From: Podcast Playground
Post Title: Learning Audacity - Act 1
Written By: Anne Davis

Yesterday I began learning the ins and outs of Audacity. Thank goodness for tutorials on the web. Otherwise, I would be forever learning this program. I still think it will take some time to become proficient with it but I'm beginning the journey! If anybody has good tips or suggestions they would be most appreciated. The first thing I did was to break the large podcast down into individual podcasts (students, my part, music). I think I will post those files since I promised to post them soon. I know the House kids want to hear their voices! Then we'll see what happens when I begin the editing process. Should be fun!

Download JHHIntro.mp3

Download Derrick.mp3

Download Angel.mp3

Download Diana.mp3

Download Jason.mp3

Download Zachary.mp3

Download Marisela.mp3

Download JoseJuan.mp3

Download Janae.mp3

Download Graciela.mp3

Download DerrickFinal.mp3


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