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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

On Commenting Post 3: Art & Aspirations of a Commenter

From: A Pirouette: Commenting
Post Title: The Art and Aspirations of a Commenter
Written By: Lani Hall

I believe in the power of a free exchange of ideas. I also recognize that words or access to some information can be of harm to others, intentionally or unintentionally. As a commenter, I therefore aspire to participate responsibly in the great online conversation by:

  • treating all bloggers with respect.

  • seeking first to understand what is being said.

  • celebrating another's accomplishments.

  • using school appropriate language.

  • rephrasing ideas in the blog that made me think, made me feel, or helped me learn to let the blogger know his/her voice has been heard.

  • commenting specifically and positively, without criticism. If I disagree, I will comment appropriately, politely stating my perspective.

  • being mindful always that I may be a role model to my audience, especially if they are younger than I.

  • making no reference to, link to, and/or giving access to any information that may be inappropriate for a school setting.

  • asking at least one question in my comment with the hopes of continuing a conversation and deepening thinking.

  • using a triple check before submitting any comment: Would I be happy to have my mother read this comment? My grandmother? My favorite teacher?


Blogger Chris said...

I've just started on this idea with a couple of students working for a national exam in Writing. so far, so good ....

3/29/2006 7:29 AM  

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